I possess a heart and mind that cannot ignore injustice.

I take every opportunity to amplify underrepresented voices, build up my community, and share with open hands and heart. This world is made of dizzying highs, and terrifying lows. Sometimes I find the darkest parts of it overwhelming. My mission is to simply make a difference, as much as one person can. 


I value diversity and make an effort to fairly represent people from diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, shapes and abilities. I am committed to looking back on my life's work and seeing a diverse tapestry of individuals representing the human experience from many perspectives.

What does this look like in practice?

  • Gender inclusive wedding questionnaires
  • Body positive posing and language
  • Respect for cultural protocol
  • Recognition of treaty territory
  • Exclusion of props or costumes that appropriate cultural significance unrelated to myself or my subjects
  • Well-scouted & easily accessible shooting locations for those with limited mobility
  • Actively seeking out opportunities for collaboration with under-represented communities. 

The story I leave behind will be an inclusive and honest representation of the people around me, their pain, their joy, and the magic they each bring to the world. 

If you see something on my website that doesn't align with this vision, please shoot me a message so I can fix it.

Community Partnerships

There are so many non-profit agencies in Alberta doing great work. I am privileged to have worked with many of them on photo and media projects. View the gallery below to see how I'm giving back. 

If you represent a charity that would like to partner with me, please use this contact form to reach out!  

*Click the image to view a gallery of past community partnerships 

*Click the image to view a gallery of past community partnerships 


Dreamcatcher Image: Photo by Shaina, a student in my high-school-credit photography class held at the Fort McKay First Nation Youth Centre in 2012 - Hosted by Learning Through the Arts. 

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