The roar of a waterfall, the stillness of the mountains, the silence of a soft snowfall... 
Nature's rhythms are enduring, always there waiting to be revisited. In the same way, photos are little flashes of life, pausing for later reflection. Honest, joyful, and enduring, let's create a tapestry of cinematic, beautifully lit images that bring your stories to life, naturally.

About Me:

When people meet me they first see my bubbly side, often laughing, singing, and chatting. Digging deeper, I'm a creative soul who feels most at home quietly observing nature. I am emotional and sentimental - I want to hold onto every spark, every feeling. I want to know that I can revisit the moments that make me feel completely alive over and over again!  Besides my camera I'm handy with all sorts of other things, like staying light-hearted under pressure, sewing a torn hem, and befriending your wedding party. I am always keen to help, and I know we will be fast friends! 

About You: 

You aren't just here for a pretty picture. You want more. You want a photographer to laugh with, cry with, someone who is going to get totally moonstruck over your story and delicately craft each moment to share that story in an elegant way. While the memories are important to you, so is the artistry of the way they are told. You want images that bring you back to a time and a feeling, and speak directly to your soul.

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About Us: 

You have a story to tell. Documenting your passion project, celebrating a milestone or getting married, my shooting style is a mix of fun and games that make our time together fun while bringing out your natural charm for the camera. I have one request for our time together; do what makes you happy, even if it means breaking the rules. Get ready for the wedding with your fiancé, elope on top of a mountain, trudge through the woods in those fancy clothes, eat the cake with your hands! Trash tradition - do what makes you happy and I'll just follow.


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